The Fallacy of “Giving Up”

Quote reads Never Never Never Give Up

There’s no reason to ever consider yourself “hopeless.” First of all–you’re all you’ve got. You cannot give up on yourself, because you’re going to be with yourself, either way. More than that, a desire to “give up on yourself” implies an ignorance (or evasion) of what causes your problems. Your problems are caused by mistaken thinking, poor judgment, or both. Mistaken thinking can be identified and corrected. You can do this on your own, or perhaps with the help of others. But it’s always possible, and it never stops being possible. You can change bad judgments into good ones. If you don’t like the consequences of your previous judgments, you can make new and different ones. You can learn, consider and adopt new ways of thinking and new ways of acting. This is true whether you’re 20, 50 or 90. To “give up” implies accepting that your mental functioning and mental capacity have ceased to exist. But this couldn’t be true, because if it were, the conscious choice of “giving up” would not even be possible. If you’re conscious enough to contemplate “giving up,” you’re conscious enough to change into something different, and better.