Bullies In Many Different Forms

Comic of a big bully threatening a little child

Bullies are, by definition, insecure. They are unsure about something. They choose to handle the anxiety aroused by this uncertainty through intimidating others (mentally or physically). Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them are card-carrying, socially acceptable and mature-acting adults. It doesn’t matter. They are still bullies. You can be related to one, employed by one, employ one or even be married to one. Some bullies are this way all the time, and many are only this way sometimes. Anyone who has the capacity to be a bully some of the time has the capacity to be one all of the time, and deserves the label “bully.” Bullies can have good or even great qualities, in total contradiction to their bullying qualities. It doesn’t change the fact that their worst qualities undermine their best ones.