The USA Goes Postal

The President and Congress are proposing elimination of the mortgage deduction on “rich” homeowners. In exchange, they’re going to essentially nationalize the banks and the entire mortgage market.

They also propose elimination of tax deductions on those who pay for their own health insurance. In exchange, they’re preparing to nationalize health insurance and provide a one-size-fits-all program for everyone (except for government officials of course, since theirs will be better).

They also propose huge new taxes not just on “the rich” but also on small businesses, taxes that small business owners are desperately trying to fight. In exchange, the government is directing more money to the Small Business Association, a government bureaucracy dedicated to deciding who does, and who does not, deserve government loans (by political, not business, standards).

Do you see a pattern here? The President doesn’t want to outlaw business, medical care or the buying of big houses. He just wants it all controlled by the government. He taxes us so that we may pay him, and his mediocre minions, to run our lives. Everything will be run by a government body. We’re about to become one big, gigantic post office economy.

Americans can and should demand better. But they must provide it for themselves. And they should tell government to get the hell out of the way.