Why Obama’s Failure Will Be Good for America

“President Obama” is the result of people recognizing, correctly, that they need a leader — and incorrectly assuming that ANY leader will do. Obama looks, talks and speaks like a leader, if you pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to any of his words or actions. Will Americans wake up at some point and realize their mistake in voting for form without any regard for content? I fear not. I fear that they’ll keep supporting him until or unless they find someone else who looks, speaks and acts like a leader — this time, maybe someone who has something rational and substantive toward which to lead us. But will that happen in time, or is it already too late? My sense is that it’s too late. America isn’t necessarily done for, but it will have to start completely over if any more damage is done. What’s passing in Congress now, as well as in coming months and years, will probably put us over the cliff, unless what’s left of our economy is stronger than I realize (as it may be). What we now need to start looking for is leadership to clean up the mess created by policies in the years leading up to Obama — and now being magnified tenfold by him.

Do I want Obama to fail? You bet I do. I want Obama to fail because I love what America is supposed to stand for, and originally did stand for. You don’t have to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist to want Obama (and his cohorts in Congress) to fail. All you need to do is love liberty. And freedom. And capitalism. And individual rights. If you love these things, proudly oppose this man, his supporters and all that they’re trying to do. Obama’s failure would only be the culminating failure — the climax of all failures since the United States embarked on being a welfare-regulatory state, many decades ago. In this context, failure is an opportunity. Failure has been gradually coming and its culmination, sooner or later, was inevitable. Wanting Obama to fail is not wishing ill on America. It’s simply accepting the reality that sooner or later we had to reach this point. If people can learn from Obama’s failure the true nature of America’s economic decline and fall, the stage will be set for America to rise again.