Color Me Free

The media and academic establishment of our society seems to be telling us: “America is becoming a minority white nation. People of color are soon to be the majority. Therefore, Obama’s policies will become the mainstream.”

I don’t know and frankly don’t care what the race of the majority of Americans happens to be. All I care is that America becomes, once again, a free country. A free country benefits all people “of color.” (And, by the way, isn’t white a color, too?)

When I hear that America is becoming less white and therefore more socialist (or ‘progressive’ if you prefer the euphemism), I become angry. Why? Because it’s insulting to assume that just because someone isn’t white that they must be socialist and statist. Maybe most non-whites are socialist, right now. But that doesn’t mean it’s in their interest, or that they’re right.

Freedom and capitalism and individual rights are in everyone’s interest. They’re in your interest if you want to be free, to be productive, to work and to think. And even if you don’t care to be free, to be productive, to work and to think — freedom and capitalism are still in your interest. There’s no comfort for either the lazy or the productive — for the intelligent or for the stupid — in a society where the best and brightest are not allowed to flourish. Everybody needs excellence: Both those who value it, and those who don’t.

This is the lesson that essentially every nation and culture in human history has learned the hard way. America was supposed to be the exception.