Race Is Not The Point

If the civil rights movement had really been such a success, you wouldn’t still hear about the need to continue and/or revive it after nearly 50 years. The persisting claims that racism is alive in a society that is self-evidently less racist than ever can only mean one of two things: Either that the civil rights movement failed miserably, or that its actual purpose was to perpetuate a victim mentality for all time to come.

I’m not saying that all black people–or even most black people–are interested in perpetuating a victim mentality. I do know that their self-proclaimed leaders are interested in doing this, not for the sake of black people only … but for the sake of creating an ever-more socialist society. And, in fact, this is what most white leaders are interested in as well, especially on the Democratic side, a party whose stars are rising despite the Hillary-Obama issue.

As I write this, Senator Obama–the first black candidate for President in American history with a serious chance of winning–is proposing at least a trillion dollars more in domestic spending and massive increases in wealth redistribution, including an increase in the capital gains tax rate from 15 percent to at least 25 percent. If you don’t see this as a desire to more fully and completely implement socialism into our society, then I don’t know what will convince you. Not since the administration of FDR–which prolonged the Great Depression by about a decade–have we been on the brink of such government intervention in the economy as now being proposed openly and daily by the Hillary-Obama bidding war for power. All this, and Medicare/Social Security facing bankruptcy within a decade as well.

The Obama candidacy isn’t about the end of racism. It’s about the continuation–if not the culmination–of statism, collectivism and socialism (not to mention pacifism) in our nation. I don’t think the whole country wants it, and I don’t think most of the country is ready for it. But with Obama in office and the Congress he’s likely to have, I know we’re in for the greatest threat to freedom our nation has yet seen.

Geraldine Ferraro, a liberal-socialist herself, nevertheless spoke the honest truth. Obama, an undistinguished and inexperienced junior Senator from Illinois, is where he is because of his race. The reason is that he can win, and with victory he can provide us with the sequel to the 1930s and 1940s. This is what statist-liberals want, and at present they have no opposition to stop them.