It Takes a Village to Own a House

I have a better idea for the mortgage and banking crisis than the complex notions currently being proposed by politicians. Let’s pass a law stating the following: “Congress shall provide a house for every single American who wants one.

Tax increases and, where necessary, cuts in other programs are hereby mandated to make it so. (Exceptions to cuts in programs include subsidies for all present and future health care, welfare and education programs.) Each individual American citizen has a right to a house. If he or she can pay for it, then the government will not subsidize it. If he or she cannot pay for it, tax funds must be used to finance it. If an American can afford more than one house, then the balance will be spent on those who cannot afford a house. If a citizen finds him- or herself unable to pay off a mortgage or any other house-related debt, then fellow citizens will be required to help fund it.”

Let’s skip the middleperson and pass a law like this one. Its intentions are the same as everything else currently being proposed; and the burden on the private economy will be no greater than the vague, hypocritical mess that’s coming. The only difference is that all our politicians are forced to vote for it–or reject it. I’d love to see where each one of them stands.