What’s Good for Us Is Good For Them

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the spokespeople for the political party which most clearly emphasizes the obligation of the individual to sacrifice himself in the service of society.

They head the party of altruistic self-sacrifice for the so-called common good.

This being the case–why will neither one step down? Why will neither sacrifice his or her desire to be President for the sake of the party and ultimately the country? If self-sacrifice is the ideal, then why won’t those who preach it the loudest practice it?

The hypocrisy is so stunning and so obvious, it is only surpassed by the failure of anyone to point it out.

If Hillary really and truly believes that you and I should sacrifice ourselves for the sake of a socialistic society, then she should make her own sacrifice. Surely Obama can carry the same flag for the same causes she deeply believes in.

And the same applies to Obama. Actually, they should both step aside and let a third candidate have the nomination that neither appears capable of winning.

Instead of fighting for the power of the Presidency, each of these two should be fighting for the privilege of stepping down and sacrificing their lifelong dreams to be President.

After all, sacrifice is the ultimate good…and it’s good for all of us, is it not?