Finally – The Rational Alternative

“It was absolutely wonderful to read a ‘self-help’ book that was based on rational principles. I’ve made the mistake of buying some of the most popular self-help books on the shelf and was totally disappointed to find them, at best, full of mundane and obvious advice. At their worst, they offer up suggestions that the universe will provide for you if you believe it will, that you can do anything, regardless of the facts of reality and that just telling yourself how great you are will cause self-esteem.

We all know deep down that none of this is the right advice – it’s just the easy advice. Dr. Hurd gives the right advice. He teaches us things like what really causes self-esteem, how to examine emotions and put them in their proper perspective, how to love, how to be moral, and much, much more. This is a book for the rational thinkers who want to deal with the world in a realistic manner, be responsible for their own lives and achieve their own happiness.

There is also some excellent information on how to help your child grow up, for the parents out there.

This is a book that will challenge you to think rationally and come up with your own solutions, not just hope for a solution from the cosmic universe.”