Grow Up America! Every one of us!

“‘Grow Up America!’ belongs in every home in America. It’s candid, direct, concise and to the point. Be responsible for your actions, your feelings and your thoughts! For others? Absolutely not. For you? Absolutely. Dr. Hurd gives a whole different meaning to “selfish” and how putting yourself first dramatically improves the quality of your life. His book is clear, easy to understand, and practical.

It’s refreshing how he speaks about the issues (that I’ve only been willing to complain about) with fortitude, backbone and honesty. His chapter on “Personal Responsibility” really surprised me! I consider myself a very responsible adult (who can’t stand it when people portray themselves as ‘victims,’ ‘helpless,’ etc.), …Bottom line: ‘Grow Up America!’ hits the nail on the head: being responsible = being happy. Check it out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.”