About the 2004 election

“I read your synopsis of the election and much of it is excellent. [re terrorism]: And you eloquently vouched for the credibility of that threat by repeating three key words: “They mean it.” Carry on!!!”


“I just read your article about ‘Saddam’s Admirers.’ I also read your article of June 25th about ‘How Sad to be a Clinton.’ We are so desperately in need of your perspective. I cannot help but admire your ability to … Continue reading

A Must Read!

“A must-read book! Few books today tackle everyday problems in society honestly, without apology. I highly recommend ‘Grow Up America!’ to everyone and anyone interested in ‘Learning to Live the Happy Responsible Life.—

Like the I Ching

“You can use [Grow Up America!] as I do the I Ching–open it anywhere and you’ll find something interesting and engaging to either agree with or argue with but definitely not be neutral about!”