Powerful Learning

“Never thought of it that way, so all the more reason to be ‘selfish’ all the time in whatever I’m doing. No reason to be resentful if I’m doing what makes me happy. Powerful learning.”

I’m Addicted

“I’m reading your Daily Dose of Reason just about daily now (becoming addicted), and usually find it interesting and enlightening. Your criticisms of our new fearless leader (George W. Bush) have been on the mark, dead center.”

Reason in Action

“You always manage to hit the nail right on the head with your accurate, concise analysis of psychology, ethics and politics. What a great pleasure it is to experience reason in action!”

Erich Fromm

“Your writing reminds me or Erich Fromm — though much more succinct. …Thank you for producing, and sharing, such wonderful products of your mind.”

Someone of Reason

“Put colloquially, you have balls. It’s nice to see someone of reason saying what needs to be said. Someday the world will be a much greater place for your courage, at least if people listen.”

Weekly Fix

“As a part time resident of the ‘Quiet Resorts’ and as a PhD-in-psychology-candidate I’ve enjoyed getting at least a weekly fix of psychology by reading your columns in The Wave when I’m in the area. Thanks for doing your part … Continue reading