Bye Bye, Britain … As America Struggles for Survival

Socialism wins in Great Britain in a mega-landslide, maybe the biggest ever. How much more left can Britain go? 100 percent taxation (elites and politicians excluded)? White slavery? Mandatory Muslim practices for all citizens? Socialized everything? Immediate outlawing of fossil fuels? Collective farming? The King — a paleo Communist who thinks he’s enlightened — seems delighted. Maybe they can take 100 percent of the Royal family’s wealth to pay for it all. This will be interesting — and tragic — to watch. Britain was once the epicenter of civilization. The Mother Country is going down. It will not survive 5 years of this.


Biden and Trump, ironically, will soon be in the same situation. The elites and the oligarchs who control America apparently want Biden out — Soros, the media, the government dominated corporations. He served his purpose. When THEY say he’s gone, he will be gone. It doesn’t matter if Biden wants to stay. He’s not the boss, and never was. Neither will his replacement. Kamala is just fine with that, just so she gets to be President, a now meaningless figurehead of a ruined republic. Michelle is greedy: She wants to be a real dictator. They still might get her in. Or Gavin. It really doesn’t matter. Without an actual revolution, we’re screwed. Yes, I will vote for Trump, assuming there’s even an election. But I am realistic.

Speculation aside: It’s no fun to watch America fall. But it is fun to watch the DemComs turn on each other — like the sociopathic savages they are!




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