You Can’t Fix Cluelessness

Richard Ruggiero asks a great question: “How is it, on Independence Day, the most sacred day of the year for me, so many people celebrate “the 4th of July” with barbecues and fireworks and at few of those parties do people actually read the Declaration of Independence and discuss the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Is it too intellectual an undertaking to understand the ideas which have made our lives possible and to transmit them to a younger generation?”

Sadly, the widespread cluelessness about the ideas and values required to sustain a free society are eventually what killed America. To me, the final proof came during the mass submission seen during COVID. Most think that freedom (and its magnificent side-effect, prosperity) will just go on, as if on automatic. They think it will go on despite the wrecking ball applied to our freedom daily by a wildly insane, out of control government — a government that millions of them will continue to support and vote for.

Boy, won’t most of them be surprised to wake up one day, especially under hyperinflation, and realize all that they lost. They still won’t understand why they lost it; and they will blame things like capitalism, Trump, “too few” taxes/regulations, Republicans and “climate change.” You can’t fix cluelessness of this magnitude.



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