Does the Supreme Court Decision REALLY Matter?

It doesn’t really matter how the Supreme Court ruled on presidential immunity and the use of presidential power. In a republic where the Constitution still is taken seriously, it would matter. But that’s not where we are. The fact remains that a president supported by the ruling elite (Obama, Biden, etc.) will have unlimited authority and unlimited immunity for whatever he wishes to do — so long as the ruling elite approves of his actions.

The Court can rule against any future vax mandates, but it does not matter. The minute the regime in power wishes to impose a medical mandate, a lockdown, or anything else it wishes in the name of “health” or “the environment” — we’re going to get it. The minute the regime in power wishes to transfer wealth — as in “student loan forgiveness” — or inflate the currency, it’s going to do so without consequence. The Biden regime has done everything it wanted, sometimes with court approval and in a few cases not — but so what? They do it anyway.

Court rulings matter in theoretical principle, perhaps, but not in practice — unless your country is an actual Constitutional republic, as opposed to a banana republic. So don’t get too excited about this latest Supreme Court decision. Biden or his elite-picked successor (Harris, Michelle, Gavin — it doesn’t matter) are all going to decimate our individual rights until enough people figure out a way to resist and/or fight back. It’s as simple — and as sad — as that.



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