Biden: If He Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix Him

If it’s true that top Democrats won’t consider replacing Biden (as Newsmax and others are reporting right now), then only one of two things is possible: One, they don’t care about losing and have written off the presidential election (assuming it happens); two, they know they will not be losing power, regardless of who’s at the top of the ticket.

It’s certainly not option one. By process of elimination, it must be option two. No other explanation is possible.

Perhaps they’re so confident of repeating the fraud — that worked last time, and was not challenged anywhere — that they’re banking on the same thing again. They know they won’t be challenged, not by Congress, not by the Supreme Court … and with these two on their side, how can they lose? It really doesn’t matter who they have in office. Biden rubber stamped bills that openly and with gleeful hostility destroy our Bill of Rights, and what’s left of our system of capitalism, economic growth and prosperity. California leads the way: An eroding middle class, with a state increasingly populated by elite, Commiefascist millionaires and billionaires with the rest of the population — the little people — permanently dependent on government handouts. That’s where ALL of America is headed, unless the more rational and freedom-loving states or counties break away from the whole catastrophic mess. In fixating on this ridiculous issue of whether Biden will leave, we’re distracted from the REAL issues.

So what if Biden’s half dead? He could be a corpse, and so long as we move his hand along the dotted line of these bills designed to decimate America … who cares … from the Democratic Communist point-of-view?

There’s no REAL advantage to replacing Biden. Not if you’re a totalitarian fascist who knows Trump will almost certainly be sentenced to jail anyway, if not on the most recent conviction, certainly on one of the many other rubber stamp convictions yet to come. Yes, technically Trump can still be President from jail. But do you really see that happening, long-term?

We have seen this movie before. It seemed inconceivable that Biden would win the last time, especially given the fact he never left his basement in order to campaign — because he self-evidently couldn’t. He has stammered, stumbled, tumbled and sputtered his way through these last 3.5 years. Of course he’s a danger. You had better believe Russia, China, Iran and all our other enemies are watching. But we have enemies in office. Biden’s regime is as much if not more of a threat, because it’s an occupation government dedicated (we know through 100 percent of its actions) to the eradication of America as we knew it.

What’s not to like if you’re a paid off, multimillionaire or billionaire Communist-socialist? Biden is just fine with them. So will the next puppet, when eventually he or she must be installed. Why do you think Michelle Obama doesn’t seem to want the job? “I don’t want to be no puppet,” she’s almost certainly saying behind closed doors. She’s at least smart enough to know that’s what she’ll be. Yes, she might be sitting in the Oval Office this time next year. But at the end of the day, you can imagine why the powers-that-be are simply saying, “If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it.” Because under Biden, they get EVERYTHING they want.



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