We’re Past the Point of Debate

Trump clobbered Biden in the debate? Of course he did. So what? They’re not going to step aside for Trump. They will cheat, declare martial law, a green emergency, a crime emergency. They will do anything but step aside. These people are not in favor of our Constitution. None of the Democrats, none of the RINOs. All of their actions support my point. They are tyrants. Tyrants don’t walk away from power unless forced.

We’re past the point of debate.

A true American’s attitude toward the lawless occupation puppet Biden regime should be: DO NOT COMPLY.

Elect Trump (if you can), arrest all of them, try them for treason — or secede.

Launch the breakup. This government is fiscally and morally bankrupt, on the verge of collapse. Enough is enough.

A reader replies: “I don’t believe in seceding, I believe in taking it all back. Not a single inch of our country belongs to them.

They don’t get to come in and abuse us and lie, cheat, and steal from us, and then keep the children and half of our country.”

My reply: I agree. Secession is a last resort. However, if we don’t have the military and DOJ on our side, the federal government is our enemy, not our friend. We might have to secede first in order to take it back. I don’t see the occupation government in power stepping down for Trump, or for anyone.

They think if they can just eradicate Trump, all will be well. But why is Trump so popular? Millions support him and his message, and his policies. Leftists’ own polls show Trump possibly crushing Biden. If they succeed at eliminating Trump, will all that support evaporate? Or will they have to impose a dictatorship to suppress it all, as they’re presently trying to do? Can you suppress a movement supported by half or more of the American population? By tens of millions? That takes inconceivable hubris.

The smugness, ignorance and arrogance of leftists should not surprise us. If they think we can have Communism for the masses while letting the connected, powerful elites enjoy their billions, they’re failing to consider: Where will all the anger go? They say Trump’s support is all based on irrational anger and hatred. Even if that were true (of course it’s not), the anger has to go somewhere. If they imprison, silence or even murder Trump, the anger won’t just disappear. The leftists’ problems will intensify. Trump’s martyrdom could escalate into an American version of the French Revolution.

Leftists, media, academics and the connected, corporate left-wing totalitarian elites are playing with fire.



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