While Biden Smirks, Americans Participate In Their Own Destruction

If you want to control the people of a historically free country, first you must ruin them. The best (and only) way to ruin them? By getting them to participate in their own destruction. You do this by fostering ignorance, and then convincing them (in their ignorance) that they’re acting in their self-interest when they’re actually destroying themselves.

Example: The COVID fascism of 2020-22. For generations, Americans had been told that the Centers for Disease Control was a totally honest, objective and impartial agency for the protection of the public from disease. So if they are commanded by the CDC to “Hunker down, duck and cover, and mask up” — well, it was easy to convince most people, as we saw. The economy was decimated and inflation was triggered in a way from which our country has yet to recover (and absent course correction, will never recover). It was called a pandemic, but the illness was the 99.99 percent survivable flu. And was the economic and political destruction worth it? Mission accomplished.

Another example: The green fascism of “climate change.” Convince people that the EPA and Hollywood celebrities are thoroughly impartial, life-loving advocates of ruthlessly honest, integrity-filled science. So when they say, “Hunker down, duck and cover, get rid of your gas stoves, your heat/ac, your gas cars,” most people will comply, at least in a gradual kind of way. By the time the gradualism is completed (2032, I think it is) — well, by that time, we’re all living in the equivalent of 1850 (except for the elites, of course). Mission accomplished.

There are thousands of other examples, many of them smaller, that could illustrate the point. But you get the picture. The powers that be are decisively, and willfully, eradicating the middle class. When it’s all over, either you’re part of the mobster-protected elite, like the Bidens, the Obamas, the Zuckerbergs, the Bill Gates family, etc. — or you’re poor, depending mostly on government handouts. Social Security, food stamps and Medicare, which will require political compliance to attain, will be the only games in town. That’s what happens when you eliminate capitalism, and the middle class.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. The hyperinflation of the currency, the prosecution and imprisonment of political opponents, the suffocation of political dissension through government pressure on social media companies (mostly run by Communists themselves) — no other motivation COULD be possible. It’s like a man with a gun shooting up a theater or a church or a shopping mall. Is it a conspiracy to call what he’s doing deliberate murder? Neither is this.

The only difference: The murder of the American republic, the American economy and — with it — the best of the American spirit is done deliberately, and out in the open — WITH the consent of people who actually think it’s morally justified. Leftists and Democrats are morally self-righteous fools. “Go along to get along” types who worry more about Trump’s mean Tweets than about the survival of civilization, including their own children, are also delivering us into the unbridled evil that we’re watching on our computer and television screens, and at the grocery stores and gas pumps, daily. It’s all done with the laughter and the smirk on Joe Biden’s face — the face of the demented goon who serves (I believe) as an important reminder from the tyrants to us: “We can ruin and enslave you with both hands tied behind our backs. We don’t need a Hitler or a Stalin. We can do it using Joe Biden. Why? Because we’ll get you to do it to yourselves.”

In a free country, it takes the people to pull the trigger of their own self-destruction. Once all our freedom is gone, then we can call ourselves the victims; but if we participate in letting it go — we’re as much to blame as the tyrants themselves.



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