It’s Not a “Debate”

I don’t plan to watch the rigged debate between Trump and Biden this week. I am confident Trump will handle himself extremely well — this amazing man, and what he’s enduring, truly make him one for the ages; but I can’t participate in a shared delusional psychosis that this charade is anything remotely like an objective conversation among (aside from Trump) even marginally serious people. Seeing Biden spit, sputter and slur his toxic fascist tantrums while media sycophants gaze with vacant, adoring pretense is too much to ask myself to endure when there are good books to be read and still so much else of worth to do. I can always reread “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” for a more accurate, honest representation of what’s happening. This, however, is unadulterated theater — not in a good way.

Yes, I will probably watch some interesting excerpts of the whole fiasco later, but I reserve the right to censor Biden and his media when viewing them. Squandering precious time watching the propaganda maneuvers of these pretentious glorified brats — a stupidly undeserving crime family, an almost entirely unchallenged gang of legalized mobsters calling themselves “Democrats”, and their own personal, fawning media — have nothing to offer: Nothing, except more painful reminders that a once great country based on the smartest, wisest, soundest principles EVER has degenerated into the miserable aftermath of a grisly accident — a genuine catastrophe, incredibly, still applauded by millions of ignorant morons.



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