Since When Did Dissension Become “Dangerous,” Merrick Garland?

Biden regime “attorney general” Garland told Congress this week that criticism of his actions in office are “dangerous.” I have noticed he says this a lot, as do other members of the regime. Dissension is dangerous. Speaking out — in this case, about obvious, glaring acts of injustice — is “dangerous,” as a violent criminal might be dangerous.

This isn’t a slip. And it’s not new; it’s only new to America. It’s the attitude of all dictatorships, past and present, and it’s the rationalization for all that they do. “Your speech is dangerous, so I can throw you in prison, make up laws to prosecute you, or do whatever I have to do in order to get you to shut up.”

Garland and the rest of the Biden regime are essentially telling us, “Don’t criticize us. If you do, then you’re a literal, physical danger to America.” No, we’re not. That’s what America was built on — dissension and opposition. Garland knows this. What he really means is that dissension is a danger and a threat to HIM, to his power and the power of the lawless, authoritarian Uniparty now running our government and (increasingly) every aspect of our lives.

We got the Big Government our founders warned us about. Ronald Reagan’s warning, that because liberty is by definition always vulnerable, America was only a generation away from dictatorship at any given time, is coming true, right before our eyes. As Donald Trump prepares to be sentenced to jail (right before the Republican convention) by this lawless regime, most conservatives are focused on hoping for the best and planning for Donald Trump’s second term. I think we need to open our eyes just a little more clearly as to what’s really happening, right in front of us. Trump is great, but we need a Plan B.



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