I Told You So.

Trump was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records — normally a misdemeanor, for which the statute of limitations had already expired. District Attorney Alvin Bragg prosecuted the case as a felony by asserting that the alleged falsification of business records was done to cover up a federal crime. Trump has not been convicted of such a crime, and the prosecutors did not specify what crime was committed, nor did it have to prove the elements thereof. [From Breitbart]

SHOW TRIAL. We are living in a dictatorship now, defined as one-party rule. Trump’s conviction for a crime he did not commit, and that isn’t even a felony in the first place, proves that justice is now arbitrary and partisan, as in all dictatorships. America is over. Start thinking about what you want to DO about it.

I take no satisfaction in saying, “I told you so.” But I told you so, conservatives. Prayer will not save you. Prayer alone did not stop Hitler. We are dealing with competent, unblinking monsters who face zero opposition (other than Trump). Leftist DemComs and their RINO enablers have no morals; they are amoral sociopaths and totalitarians. There is nothing they will not do, and this is ONLY the beginning.

Unless or until we fight back, and recognize we are dealing with ruthless, uncompromising evil, then not just Trump, but all our rights and freedom, are going down.

If you think this sort of tyranny can be voted away in an election run by the tyrants, then you will be crushed. Hitler wasn’t voted out of office, and neither will the people responsible for this.

“Trump will win in November and it will all be over.”

When an occupation regime takes over and jails its main opponent, how is an election overseen by that very same occupation regime supposed to free the opponent? This seems like the fantasy of people who cannot let themselves consider what serious trouble they are in.

We are already in a civil war. Its chief victims don’t know it yet. The realization, when it hits, will be brutal. I expect it will be this coming November when it becomes all too clear that the American republic as we thought we knew it is gone. One party government means you are either with it, or against it, and if they can imprison Trump, they can crush anyone they wish.

Other than resistance and secession, what alternative is there to the total submission happening right now?

Do NOT “respect the verdict.” This is NOT a legal system. It’s a dictatorship. Show it the respect you show frauds and murderers.

Now is the time to come out of the closet, if you are anything other than a leftist. Most leftists are emotionally unstable and become literally unhinged at the realization they live among people who don’t think (or feel) like them. Give them evidence. Further destabilizing such people weakens their already tenuous resolve and — it might be argued — constitutes an act of patriotism. This civil war is very much a product of the 21st century: electronic and psychological.



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