Re: The Trump Trial, Don’t Be a Sucker

“Jury in Trump trial deliberates.”


The jury is made up of anti-Trump Democrats and RINOs who are incapable of acquitting the man.

The outcome of Trump’s legal fate was determined by the tyrants with the dishonesty, pull and political-judicial know-how from the start of his presidency. If it doesn’t happen with this trial, it will happen with the next one, or the next one, or the next one.

Don’t sit by the t.v. with fascinated anticipation. Don’t be a sucker.

You must understand two things: The people destroying our country are sociopaths. The people destroying our country are inept, but they face no serious opposition — and this has made them almost unimaginably arrogant. On their present unobstructed course, there is literally nothing they will not do.

We the people who love liberty and reason are screwed, unless or until we can find a way to effectively fight back against the insane monster that is our government, our media, our schools and our culture.



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