Today’s Mainstream Left: Unbridled, Unhinged, Unaccountable Hatred

Reading the headlines and the first few lines of MSN, MSNBC or CNN articles is revealing and astonishing. If you don’t ever view corporate-state media, I am here to tell you that it’s FAR worse than you assume. One headline, for example, expressed outrage that Trump is “attacking” Biden in all caps on his social media tweets. Democrats everywhere are outraged! Outraged, I tell you! From the tone and content of the article, you’d think that posting in all caps is the equivalent of homicide. I even know RINOs who would say, “Well, that’s just not presidential.” And yet these same RINOs seem to have no problem with abridging due process, obliterating the First and Second Amendments, ruining the military, outlawing civilization by banning fossil fuels, spying on law-abiding, private citizens and raising taxes to 40 percent rates and higher. Anything to avoid those ALL-CAP tweets.

“Election deniers” and “climate deniers” are routinely disparaged and written about the same way serial killers are discussed. We’re all told that it’s a sin and a felony to “hate”; but hatred is the defining essence of literally everything I find in the media that presumably most Americans are seeing, and whose headlines they are routinely reading. They hate, loathe, despise all things that ARE NOT THEMSELVES.

We’re told, over and over, that we have a “democracy,” which means that people who read and are influenced by this trash get to decide everything about our lives — at least if they’re in the majority, and even if they’re not. If we’re really a democracy, and the majority rules over the individual, then what’s to stop a majority from having their government, egged on by their media, from rounding up people who say and think things the government does not wish them to say?

I don’t know how long it will take for this inevitable disaster to play itself out. But I am certain it will, unless mass numbers of people reject everything they’re taught and reverse course culturally, politically and economically with urgent immediacy. This would mean boycotting all things statist, totalitarian and particularly leftist, since leftism rules and leftism is unblinkingly totalitarian: Starbucks, Nike, Disney, Facebook, Google, the NFL, ABC, CBS, NBC, Neflix, on and on, just to name a few.

To those of us 60 and above, if we’re lucky, we’ll escape the worst of it. But on our present course, those under 30 will not be living in anything remotely like the America many of us have known and loved, not 10 or 20 years down the line. I wonder if they’ll know what they’re missing.

“Based on recent events, we have to conclude that today’s college students are the commandants of tomorrow’s concentration camps.”
— David Harriman, a philosopher of science, writing on Facebook.

ABSOLUTELY correct. Or something else just as horrible. These leftists, with their unlimited power, unlimited authority and absolutely ZERO accountability for anything they say or do are capable of unlimited evil. Until the infuriated come together, all at the same time, and stop them.



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