Sham Debates for a Sham Election: Dumb Idea

Re: the CNN and ABC debates with Trump/Biden: This will boost profits and ratings to these corrupt, dishonest and rotten to the core propaganda mills. Why do it? Trump probably thinks he can outsmart the leftists but it won’t matter. We are past the point where we should even dignify them by participating in a sham of an election, complete with sham debates. I suppose all of this will become clear after all of this reaches a climax in the fall, either with Trump losing another rigged election or some other manipulative horror show the Commiefascists have in store for us.

We are in the middle of a civil war, which in the 21st Century involves a war of words online. But this can only continue to escalate as the leftists and RINOs openly hollow out our Bill of Rights, infuriating millions and millions of us who–at some point–are not going to take it anymore. The tipping point will probably be rising inflation and other economic woes, which the federal regime will use to justify some form of martial law. I don’t know how it will play out this fall, but I do NOT believe the DemComs are ever stepping down.



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