The Moral Nothingness of “Pro-Palestinian” Protests

“Pro-Palestinian” protesters don’t even know or care what they’re fighting about. They only care about protesting. It’s protesting for the sake of protesting. “Look at me. I care. I’m protesting!” It’s virtue-signaling on steroids. It’s morally, psychologically and intellectually meaningless. But it’s elevated to the highest virtue by a media committed to destruction for the sake of destruction, especially anything with a whiff of freedom at stake, as represented by mostly free Israel against the ruthless totalitarianism of militant Islam. You can always count on the universities, the media and hapless, brainwashed students (originally K-12, now at college) to be on the side of the bad guys. Every single time.

I’m talking here about the protesters who are actually students, and not Soros-funded terrorists of the sort we saw on the streets of the cities back in 2020.

If Trump wins in November (my prediction is he will not and cannot), then watch out. You haven’t seen anything yet.



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