Liz Cheney: A Commiefascist Wolf in Republican Clothing

Breaking news: Liz Cheney mocks “Speaker Johnson” for attending Trump’s show trial. The media loves to parade Liz Cheney “as a Republican who understands Trump is evil.” Seriously? The media — hard core, universally leftist radical Democrats one and all — think ALL Republicans are evil. They would think moderate Democrats are evil, if there were any. So we’re not buying it.

Liz Cheney promotes herself as a lone wolf, an independent woman of character persecuted for her courage and integrity. She is no such thing. She is, and always was (like her father), a leftist wolf in right wing sheep’s clothing. She’s a hard core statist, an authoritarian with no regard for individual rights or the Constitution. She wants her place at the cool kids’ table, because all the cool kids are Commiefascists. “Can I be one too?” THAT’S her version of integrity. She selected the opposing party so she could distinguish herself, since collectivist socialist Democrats have always been a dime a dozen. Also, her father was a Republican so she could ride on his name easier if she joined his party.

But if she ever had any core beliefs, those were always statist, Big Government, leftist, Commiefascist. Nobody is her friend, except the media, but the media will turn on her (or simply lose interest in her) eventually, even if she does get her gig at CNN or MSNBC. She’ll ultimately blend into the zone of metaphysical and moral nothingness … just like all of them.



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