Biden Agrees With the Terrorists. He Just Doesn’t Agree With Terrorism.

Biden says he “believes in what these protesters are saying.” He just doesn’t like the violence.

Seriously? The protesters are PRO violence. They WANT violence and they SAY it repeatedly. Terrorism sponsored by their friends in Iran is violence. Totalitarian world rule requires violence. Death to infidels (meaning all nonbelievers in Islam) is violence. Wiping Israel off the map and raping, beheading and blowing off limbs of babies are all forms of violence. When they scream “freedom for Palestine” they don’t mean freedom for anyone. They mean annihilation of everyone they dislike.

Biden and his people are obviously dishonest, extremely well compensated tyrants. We knew that. But all of you who continue to vote for and support his kind are frankly bad people. YOU — not conservatives and MAGA types — are the ones who should be ashamed of yourselves. Honest historians of the future will have your number, just like the people who sanctioned Nazi Germany.


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