Why Inflation is the Perfect Way for the Left to Destroy America

The government can only tax us so much. Morally, it would have no problem taxing everyone (except its cronies) 100 percent. But even the Commiefascists are not stupid enough to think that will work. They tried that in Soviet Russia and Maoist China, after all.

Government craves unlimited funds to do unlimited things — things which as a parasite, are required for its survival. Government is not benevolent. It’s a life-eating parasite on steroids. It needs money, and it can never have enough. So if it can’t take us at 100 percent, then it must do something. What does it do? Inflate the currency.

Because our currency is based on political fiat (thanks to the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the elimination of the gold standard, a century ago), it has the power to increase the money supply at any time. In order to run higher and higher deficits and an ever-higher national debt, the government increases the supply of money relative to the demand for money. That’s what inflation actually is: Not businesses getting mean. It’s a government expansion of the money supply higher than a free market would have required or permitted.

An especially dramatic example of this was during the COVID fascism era of 2020-21. Because the government shut down virtually all commerce for 1-2 years, the demand for money (and personal spending) naturally crashed. When you’re locked up at home 24/7, you don’t need to spend as much. But the government had to create emergency “relief” programs, to retain its popularity and control over people during the lockdowns. We already had an unsustainable debt and deficit before 2020. So the national debt was expanded even more, in massive amounts. This created a huge increase in the supply of money at a time when demand for money (thanks to the government shutting down the economy) was at an all time low. That’s when we saw the resurgence of inflation.

In theory, as the effects of COVID fascism end, then the inflation should decline as well. That’s kind of what we’re told. But this presupposes that the government cuts back on spending and borrowing, after the crisis. No such luck. The spending and borrowing has never been cut back and never will be cut back. In fact, the Biden regime calls for more and more and more spending. Republicans (aside from a handful of fiscal conservatives like Rand Paul) are delighted to go along with it. In fact, the COVID spending raised the bar for spending during normal times. A major example of this is the forgiveness of all student loans (which will happen no matter what the courts say). Another example are the growing, more serious proposals (now accepted by nearly all Democrats) to pay tens of thousands (perhaps even millions) to each and every black American as “slave reparations.” That would bankrupt and permanently destroy the American economy, via hyperinflation, literally overnight, if passed. To say nothing of the race wars that would probably ensue as white people now work as slaves to pay millions to individual black people.

The destruction of our economy through inflation is bipartisan. You cannot keep inflating and inflating and inflating the currency without consequences. Eventually, you’ll get what happened in Venezuela — a relatively vibrant, somewhat free market economy that went bust when hyperinflation reached unsustainable points. The hyperinflation reached epic proportions where most Venezuelans became impoverished, making the establishment of a dictatorship fairly easy. A similar thing happened in Argentina, over time. However, at present, Argentina has a government enjoying some success battling the hyperinflation. But if that government is voted out or overthrown, as sadly seems likely given the fact that even the American government is on the other side, then things will go back worse than ever in Argentina.

Only a free market, gold standard (as opposed to the Federal Reserve Chair), private property order is sustainable. Even with hampered capitalism, the free world flourished more than at any time in human history. All trends in the West and elsewhere point to economic controls, as far as the eye can see. Once hyperinflation sets in, nothing else will be possible.

As long as “democracies” and dictatorships refuse to let us have an economically as well as politically free system, then we’re stuck with the gloom and doom that need never have been part of the human experience.



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