The Exit Tax and the Unhinged Biden Regime

Ready to pick up and move to another state? Well, you might have to think twice because broke blue states are coming up with a new, creative way to tax you when you cross the border: the EXIT TAX.

This policy is already established in one state—if you guessed California, you’d be correct— but other debt-saddled Democrat states are looking to follow suit. (If you weren’t up to speed, California is facing a historic deficit in the tens of billions.) Now, while the government calls this a “tax” it’s obviously not a tax at all, but a fine, penalizing a producer for rejecting the policies of the progressive Democrat party, the same ones turning everything they touch into a dystopian and apocalyptic landfill.

Here’s the California model, also from Fox:

This is a one-time tax that must be paid by businesses and individuals who relocate outside the state. The tax is based on the value of the business or individual’s assets, including property, stocks and other investments, but not real estate.

[From the American Thinker]

Demented emperor Biden declared yesterday that violence is not protected speech. Could have fooled me. The terrorists of BLM destroyed America’s cities in 2020. They walk free, and their leader thugs inhabit Malibu Beach mansions. They were celebrated and rewarded for violence. Why is violence SUDDENLY not protected?

The lawless, amoral thugs like Biden who occupy the American government don’t care about principles. They get to say what is and isn’t permitted, on a whim or whatever they feel like. No rhyme or reason. Just one gigantic “because I say so.” It’s called tyranny.

We have a growing number of edicts from the unhinged, lawless Biden regime that are so blatantly evil, impractical and laughingly unconstitutional that Governors of red states are simply nullifying them. Example: forcing states to allow men on to women’s sports teams. Another example: Outlawing gas appliances and vehicles within 5-7 years. Latest example: Biden regime openly threatening to move Palestinian “refugees” (TRANSLATION: terrorists) to red states to swing already rigged elections more in their favor.

The nullification of insane edicts coupled with a refusal to comply is a healthy and necessary development. But as the irrationality continues to escalate in the Imperial City, at what point do red states (and red counties and towns in blue states) simply conclude that it’s time to nullify the entire federal government?



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