Militant Islam and Today’s Radicalized Democrats: Perfect Together!

Militant Islam and the woke Communism-fascism of our radicalized Bidenista Democrats are ideological and practical soulmates.

Each advocates brute force to attain its goals.

Each denigrates the individual in favor of a higher power — in one case the omnipotent Allah, in the other case the omnipotent progressive State.

Each despises dissension and utilizes authority to shame and ultimately assassinate all opposing opinions. As goes Donald Trump go all dissenters. Even on the college campus, the LAST place where freedom of speech and thought should be repressed!

What else could you expect but the spectacle of America’s most well-educated youth embracing terrorism? Where, on any of these campuses, will they ever encounter an alternate viewpoint?

Mark my words: They do not only want Jews incinerated.They want MAGA Republicans, conservatives, Christians, libertarians, and anyone else insufficiently woke extinguished.

The woke nihilism enveloping our culture enjoys its most undiluted version on campus. It’s not a leap (nor even a small step) from militant leftism to the unhinged screams of “freedom for Palestine.” Remember: Ivy League students set the course and direction of our culture. These screams are the not-too-distant future of America and what used to be the free world.

All of you who vote for and applaud leftism — enjoy!


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