Unlimited Government: Supported by the Republican Speaker, Too

We don’t need an election. We need a revolution.

Don’t believe me? What will it take, then? We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights; but they are NOT active.

Eighty-six House Republicans vote for warrantless surveillance of Americans. The Speaker of the House — a “conservative” Republican — cast the tie-breaking vote, upholding the repeal of the American Constitution with regard to search and seizure.

In essence, they’ve decided the Bill of Rights does not apply to modern electronic technology. Put another way: They have deleted the parts of the Bill of Rights they do not like.

America fought the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II and everything else in order to uphold the very thing all Democrats and most Republicans have now torn down. In principle and in practice, it’s going to be a very ugly place for your children and grandchildren.

Hopefully you can rest well, knowing you did everything you could to speak out and prevent it all.


[Headline from Breitbart.com]

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