Israel’s Plight and the Gaslighting of America

The U.S. regime sends billions and billions to Iran. It treats Iran like an ally.

Iran repeatedly threatens to wipe Israel off the face of the map. We know they mean it, because Iran sponsors most of the world’s terrorism, most of which is waged against Israel.

The U.S. regime says Israel is an ally, and that the U.S. is committed to the safety and preservation of Israel. When Israel is attacked with the worst atrocities against Jews since Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the U.S. tells Israel not to DARE think about fighting back — other than in theory, but never in practice. The vice president of the U.S. regime even hints at American military force against Israel if Israel refuses to stop bombing Palestinian terrorists, the ones committing the atrocities against Jews the U.S. regime claims it’s committed to stopping.

Saying someone’s your friend, refusing to let that friend defend itself, and then arming its enemies. And then asking: “What’s wrong? You’re my friend!” I guess this is what’s meant by “gaslighting.”

“Oh, Israel is our friend. Israel can and must defend itself. We will assist it every step of the way. Only Israel cannot fight back — only when we say so. And we’re going to keep sending billions to Iran. We’ll glibly predict that Iran will attack Israel, and that Israel cannot do much about it. We will do our part by telling Iran, ‘Now, Iran, don’t you attack Israel.’ So what’s the problem? Of course we’re pro-Israel.”

This is YOUR government, America. YOUR government is treating Israel like this. If it treats Israel like this, just think what it will do to its own citizens. Just look at what it’s already doing. The entire Democratic Congress and dozens of Republicans (including the “conservative” House Speaker) just voted to let the government spy on its citizens without a warrant. I guess that’s what they mean by “Uniparty.”

I consider the Biden regime and all in the Uniparty connected to it to be lawless, amoral, unconstitutional and illegitimate. But they’re doing it all in YOUR name, America. By refusing to fight back or even speak out, you’re sanctioning your own destruction, as well as the destruction of your children and grandchildren.

How much are you going to take? How much can Israel be expected to take? Or is there absolutely no limit to the self-sacrificial abuse good people will take at the hands of the real, greatest evil in the world which — today — resides in Washington DC?




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