What Next, America?

Face facts, sentimentalists. America is about as just, fair and reasonable a place as Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China or Castro’s Cuba. It’s getting worse by the day. We not only sense it; we literally see it.

Sooner or later, you will have to face the fact that the American republic succumbed. It became all the things its founders hoped it would not. We blew it. A LOT of people blew it, over a period of generations. We are the generation who gets to see it all play out.

What went wrong? America’s founders had the greatest idea yet. Government is never the solution, they knew; it’s always the problem. But, they reasoned, you can’t exist without a government. Otherwise, you’ll be run by competing gangs of mobsters (kind of what we have now). It’s better to have a standing military and local police — held in strict Constitutional check — than no government at all.

So their premise was a good one: Severely limiting the government’s reach and powers. And use a Bill of Rights to restrain it.

For a long time, it worked amazingly well. Nobody else has ever come close. America pulled it off for a very long time.

Until recent years, there were no open or concentrated attacks on the Bill of Rights. Yes, the Bill of Rights were sometimes violated; this was a problem from the beginning. Slavery was a glaring issue from day one. But violations were the exception, not the rule. Slavery was eventually outlawed.

Today, violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights — on the local level as much as the federal level, in many locations — are daily, even hourly. Vax mandates, government-run medicine, government-run indoctrination of children with obviously psychotic ideas, fossil fuel mandates, skyrocketing property taxes to pay for “schools”, deliberate inflation of the currency to keep the elites in unearned wealth, the poor dependent on the dole and all at the expense of the middle class. Need I go on? It has never been so bad, from a freedom point-of-view; not in the USA. NEVER.

Limited government was the right idea. But it didn’t work out in practice, at least not forever. Think about the kind of people who enter government, in any place or time. For the most part, they are the least morally and mentally qualified of the population. Otherwise, why would they work in government? This was always a problem. When you look at Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg, the long-time problem has only become more obvious. These goons are caricatures. But state and local governments are just as full of these types. They ruin lives every time they touch something. They do absolutely no good for anyone, and they end up hampering, distorting and doing a lot of harm, economically and otherwise.

Put simply: You can’t get good people into government because good people want to do other things. And the best, most productive and most worthwhile things are virtually always done OUTSIDE of government. So we leave the government to the corrupt who will not be accountable for their actions, because in government, you largely don’t have to be accountable. (And don’t talk to me about elections — not anymore!)

Ayn Rand picked up on this problem in her famous novel, Atlas Shrugged. Early on in the book, you see her fictional heroes of business — Hank Rearden, Dagny Taggart — minimizing or ignoring the overreaching hand of government. They correctly saw the bureaucrats as a bunch of idiots who couldn’t hold a staff position in a railroad, much less run a railroad; but they missed the toxic hold the government could eventually have on all of society. They learned the hard way, and eventually had to go on strike to fight it all and bring the government down.

That’s exactly what happened in America (well, not the strike — not yet, at least). Our republic was brought down not by an ideological revolution of the sort we saw in China, Russia and Cuba. Those countries were impoverished lands of anti-liberty in the first place; to the lost souls inhabiting those countries, any revolution seemed like a potentially good one.

America had far less excuse. We lost our freedom through negligence and ignorance. And some brainwashing, because our cultural and intellectual elites are — frankly, psychopaths. If you cannot see that now, then I cannot help you.

Too many of us told ourselves, “Politics doesn’t matter to me.” Then, one day — as many of us are increasingly finding — we find politics knocking on our door. I’m not just talking about the FBI going after conservatives and other brazenly anti-Constitutional overreaches, which is really happening. I’m talking about the economy. Under our failure to watch, the economy became political too. Now it’s a plaything for puppets like the Biden crime family — and it doesn’t matter who succeeds them — to play havoc with our rights, our lives, our prosperity and our basic well-being. We used to arrest and imprison people like the Biden crime family. Now, we arrest and imprison Trump — for speaking truth to the lies.

America was the greatest thing to date. But from a liberty point-of-view, it ultimately did not work out. Mankind has to find a better solution. Either we have to find an alternative to limited government; or we have to find a way to staff the limited government with people who will be removed from power and/or imprisoned the moment they go outside the boundaries.

I don’t have an obvious answer. But I know human beings of the future will suffer the same outcome we’re witnessing now, unless they get it right next time.



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