It’s Either Your Money — Or It Isn’t

It’s true.

Either your money belongs to you, or it doesn’t. Your money is your property. You worked for it. Or maybe a loved one left it to you. Either way, it’s your property.

If the government owns some of your property, it owns all of your property. And if your government owns your property, it owns your life. It owns all of you.

There’s no formula for solving this. America tried. For several generations, America tried it this way: “Well, the government owns 30 percent of your property. But that’s all.” Gradually 30 percent crept up to 40. And 50. And it will go beyond. Unless you’re a politically connected oligarch who donates a lot of his money to the government racket. Then you’re OK.

America also tried saying it owns SOME of your property but NONE of your life. We see how well that’s working out. Since COVID and the Trump era, the government has taken off the mask. We don’t own any aspect of our bodies and lives — EXCEPT what the government says we do. We now must look to the government to tell us what we may do. Otherwise, it’s assumed we may NOT do it until further notice.

It’s precisely the kind of thing America’s founders hoped to avoid. And for a long time — longer than ever in human history — we largely did. That time is drawing to a close. The only way to fight it? Through principle. Like the principle stated boldly in this meme.

Sadly, I don’t see too many people up to the job. Go along to get along; that’s the unspoken creed of our era. Until all your freedom is gone.



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