The Third Fall of Rome

“The happy days are over. As Westerners, we are not marching confidently into the future, but bumping and tottering. Our place in history is threatened. In the shadowland of moral relativism, ideological confusion, and fatalistic cowardice, we have lost our bearings. It is as if we, children of the West, have been spoiled to such a degree that we completely neglect the origin of our success in history. This bodes ill for the future. The West is left open to invasion by those who know the struggle for life (i.e. immigrants by the millions from Latin America or Africa and the Middle East). If we become doubtful and leave a power vacuum, unsure of our own raison d’être, others are more than ready to fill it.”

from The American Thinker 3/28/24, “The Third Fall of Rome”

I hasten to add: None of it is inevitable. Man has free will; he has the power to change his ideas. He has the power to alter his course, any time he chooses.

Today, the people most of us rely on for intellectual leadership are unequivocally wrong — about literally everything. And most do not possess the will, the self-esteem or the confidence to challenge prevailing ideas, views and policies. As a result, we sink deeper into our socialist hole, along with the self-evidently psychotic freak show that even the more confident seem afraid to oppose.

America is in its own Maoist Cultural Revolution, which ended up in the death and despair of millions. The common thread is mass, group insanity. Under group insanity, most individuals actually remain pretty sane. But they’re afraid to challenge or question the authorities who are not sane. The inmates have taken over the asylum. Yes, they’re in the minority. But they rule us — because we let them; and for so long as we let them.



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