About Today’s Youth (35 and Under)

I posted this on social media yesterday:

If you have children or grandchildren: What will America look like in 2054? Will they be better or worse off than you?

One gentleman replied:

I have 4 kids, and 7 grandkids. I’m optimistic of their future, because of them. I believe they are becoming better at sorting through all of the propaganda they encounter, and identify it as such. More so than our generation.

My reply to him:

The great majority of them appear to support government controls over everything. 20 and 30 somethings, based not just on polls but actual election results, support Democrats by margins of 2 to 1 or higher. They explicitly want socialism and in some cases Communism. You can say they don’t know what they’re asking for; but they’re still going to get it! When things go wrong, they blame insufficient socialism and the myth of climate change. They more willingly masked and vaxed during COVID fascism than any other age group (leaving aside the ill or elderly). The socialism they’re applauding now will undercut their cognitive skills because the government will be doing all or most of their thinking for them. I am not optimistic because I see otherwise lovely and highly intelligent, sophisticated young people metaphorically walking off the edge of a building, into a life very different and far less comfortable than their parents and grandparents knew. And not even realizing they’re doing it. If I had children or grandchildren, it would break my heart. It almost does, as it is.
All the leftist older adults I know have all leftist kids. The great majority of non-leftist adults I know have mostly leftist kids. Grandkids, even more leftist. The young people I know who love freedom, the Constitution and individual rights are my heroes, but appear to be outliers. I never witnessed nor even read of uniformity and conformity on such a scale, outside of cults. Leftists have done a magnificent job of fostering the most inexcusable ignorance and potential for unprecedented evil.

Prove me wrong, please.



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