America is No Longer a “Mixed Economy”

This (the Ayn Rand quote) was absolutely true in the 1960s, when Rand wrote it. America was a mixture of freedom and controls. By 2024, we are mostly controls, and freedom is mostly pretense or remnants and crumbs of earlier eras. Puppet Biden writes into “law” brazenly unconstitutional executive orders daily, just like in any dictatorship. Recent example: the mandating of untenable and impossibly expensive electric vehicles — nationally — within a decade.

This would not even be proposed in a free country; not even in the mixed economy of 1960 or 1985 or 1995. We are, in essence, the dictatorship that Rand predicted a mixed economy would necessarily become, unless all the controls were repealed in time. Most Americans don’t yet know they’re living in a dictatorship. Not because the truth is hidden from them; but because they choose NOT to let themselves know it.

As for the “government shutdown” talk, it’s a joke. The government will never be shut down.

Democrat premise: Unlimited, exponentially increasing spending.

Republican premise: Under no conditions can the government ever shut down.

Result: The government grows in power, forever. Until there is no more American republic.

National security and defense? Now also a joke.

Russia had a terrorist attack at a concert hall, 40 killed by ISIS. It shows 2 things: ISIS is alive and well; and dictatorships are not effective at protecting innocent individuals from crime and war.

Biden-loving fools, take note: None of your dictators will keep you safe. They will keep themselves safe, rest assured. But not you.


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