Unfair Elections & Bloodbaths Are Due to the Biden Regime, Not Trump

Putin “won reelection” in Russia.

Yes, what a joke. But is America any different? After 2020, and 2022?

And what about 2024, if Biden gets reinstalled just like Putin did, in Russia?

The Biden regime says the Putin regime did not have a free or fair election. The Biden regime is surely an expert on that.

Our state-run media has taken comments of Trump out of context. He likened the impact of government electric car policies on the auto industry to a metaphorical bloodbath. State-run media immediately rushed to their computers and said Trump threatened a bloodbath if he didn’t win the upcoming election. Leftists everywhere are engaging in unthinking swoons.

The actual bloodbaths of history were done by collectivists like DemComs–not by America lovers like Trump.


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