“Threats to Democracy” Are Not Threats to Freedom

“Democracy” is not the defining feature of a free country.

The defining feature of a free country is: individual rights.

Either you have rights, or you don’t. The most basic right is the right to life. A resulting right is the right to be left alone. A government should not exist at all, other than to help protect your rights to be left alone — including, from the government itself.

In a free society, the only thing that’s illegal is the initiation of force. If someone tries to kill you, and you shoot them first, that’s not the initiation of force. That’s self-defense. If you physically impose yourself on another, that’s the initiation of force. It’s at this point — and only at this point — that we need police: to protect the rights of the individual. That’s it.

Fraud should also be against the law. However, fraud has to be objectively proven under a Bill of Rights and the rule of law. The law doesn’t get suspended for people who are IN with the government, and activated against people who are not IN with the government. That’s not a free country, and that’s not a government. That’s a gang of unaccountable mobsters, which we absolutely have today, unequivocally at the federal level and often at the state or local level.

“Democracy” does not refer to a free country where the rights of the individual are paramount. Democracy is a form of mob rule. The majority ruling over the rights of the individual refers to the precise opposite of a free country.

All we hear about today are people who are “threats to democracy.” All this means — both in principle, and in practice — are threats to the ruling Party. The ruling party are the paid-off and/or blackmailed politicians who comprise literally all of the Democratic Party and much of the Republican Party (the RINOs). We might call them the Uniparty.

We’re told that the majority supports the Uniparty. That’s almost certainly not true, and we have no way of knowing since elections are increasingly rigged and most of the media lies about virtually everything, in service of the Uniparty.

But even if the majority supports the slaughter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights that’s done openly, on an hourly basis by the Biden regime and an almost entirely complicit Congress and federal court system, it does not matter. If 99.9999 percent support all of it, it’s still wrong. And in a free country, it would be illegal.

Treason is about the gentlest term to apply to the people who have become our rulers in this “democracy.” If we’re ever to be free again, they all have to be removed from power, appropriately punished and never permitted to ruin any of our lives again.



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