TikTok and the Slow, Painful Death of Free Speech in America

“Some security analysts have said that TikTok could be weaponized against U.S. citizens through predatory surveillance practices, censorship, and the promotion of state-backed propaganda.” [The Epoch Times 3-13-24]

But isn’t the U.S. government itself already weaponized against its citizens? At least citizens who disagree with it? Trump has been throttled and arrested repeatedly for his political views alone. So have lower profile individuals, including but not limited to “January 6” defendants totally denied due process rights to this day, some still rotting in D.C. prison for alleged misdemeanors. Biden himself has openly bragged of his censorship by proxy through Facebook and X, back when it was Twitter.

I don’t see a whole lot of distinction between the American federal government and the Chinese Communist Party, at this point. So enlisting–and entrusting–the Biden regime with protecting you from China doesn’t seem to be a great comfort, or a rational strategy for the restoration of freedom. If you were living in 1950, 1970 or 1990, it would probably be different. But let’s be honest: That ship has sailed (and sunk).

If we enlist the self-evidently evil Biden regime with the power to save us from the evil Chinese Communist Party, what exactly have we accomplished? It will establish the precedent that the federal government may shut down any website it deems a foreign threat to “democracy.” Is that a precedent we actually want to establish? Who will benefit, and who will lose the most from yet another massive transfer of power to our monster government?

Please explain what I am missing.




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