The Royal Fraud and the Cluelessness of Globalist Socialist Elites

As I understand it, the Princess of Wales admitted the photo you’re seeing (minus the cats, added for humor) was fake. She didn’t explain why she released it as an authentic family picture, until busted for lying, probably because she assumes most of us are too stupid to notice the contradictions. Someone redid the photo with the cats.

The elites think regular people are stupid.

This is because:

(1) many regular people are pretty stupid (though none are as stupid as the elites);

and, 2) the elites are so clueless themselves, that they cannot help but assume this same trait dominates everyone else, to whom they feel superior because of having more money (while claiming to hate money, capitalism and all things rational).

Nevertheless, this photo does a nice job cleaning up some of the deceitful Royal hubris.

Somebody wrote on my Facebook thread that it’s not fraud, it was simply doctoring up a picture, for the Princess of Wales to post a picture of herself as all well with her children on (British) Mother’s Day, while she was still recovering in the hospital.


The issue was she was pretending to be all well, when she wasn’t. That deserves the label fake. She’s free to tell people, “My health status is none of your business.” Of course, she doesn’t want to do that. She wanted to practice deceit and get away with it, and she didn’t. That’s NOT the same as simply doctoring up a photo. And no, I do not care about the Royal Family. They mean nothing to me. It’s the principle. We have to fight for the principle of integrity even if it is now completely nonexistent anywhere in the celebrity world of power. And the elitism issue is relevant because the Royal Family consists of Communists and global socialists with fat bank accounts who don’t care if the rest of us suffer from the elimination of private property, capitalism and individual rights.


Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Rose.



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