The Fall of America

We can’t make predictions. All we can do is look at past behavior and infer, or hypothesize, from there. We know election fraud has been unaddressed and will not be addressed by anyone in power. We know the existing Establishment has more incentive, and capacity, to keep Trump from winning than they did in 2020. The available evidence tells us that Biden will most likely make it to a second term. After that, probably soon after, the powers-that-be will become bolder than ever, and install whomever they deem a suitable replacement. Unless he dies, you will be looking at “President Biden” this time in 2025, but probably not in 2026.

That’s my educated guess, based on all the available facts. What cannot be guessed is how all the millions who don’t want things to go on as they are will react. American history, outside of 1776 or 1861, has no precedent for such a scenario. And no contemporary or remotely recent scenario for comparison. All I can say is we live in interesting times.



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