Can Civilization Survive Without Critical Thinking?

“We can’t be beaten; because if we are beaten, we’re not going to have a country left anymore,” said President Donald Trump. He’s not wrong. But even if he somehow wins and avoids felony convictions in a legal system rigged just like the election system, how do you think leftists will respond? Remember, they are in charge of schools, media, banks, entertainment/sports, much of the Republican Party, many churches and most of the younger population.

Leftism is conformity. Most today are conformists. They don’t question anything they read or hear, not if it’s part of the mainstream and has good production value. You can’t vote tyrants out of office; they will only go if forced. More than that, you can’t vote or legislate away ignorance, error or stupidity. Those things have to correct themselves. I am unsure that in all of human history we have seen ignorance, error and evasion of this magnitude. It’s like an era of anti-reason, willful anti-thinking on principle. We saw it with COVID fascism and the “climate change” fascism will be far more damaging and lasting.

The beautiful thing about human cognition is its capacity for growth and self-correction. But when mass numbers of people are trained to reject critical, objective and independent thinking — and perhaps become ignorant there even is such a thing — they’re preparing themselves to be fed to the wolves.



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