California: The Next Soviet Union?

California is the next Soviet Union. Their policies are moving in the same direction, with absolutely no opposition. Ditto for places like Portland, Seattle, Chicago and NYC. Like the Soviets, none of their rulers are accountable. It’s literally a one Party state. Human feces on the streets of San Francisco might be their new state flag. Russia, under authoritarian Czarist rule, was a sad mess before the Communists, and Communists decimated everything. In California, there was much more to lose. It’s literally killing itself.

All of America will follow, unless we fight the suicidal-homicidal psychopaths we still euphemistically label politicians.

Woke-ism, to be enforced, requires totalitarian rule. Snowflakes and millennials are not prepared for what they’re demanding.

Watching our country being destroyed by our own people is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.



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