Don’t Be So Sure About the Supreme Court Favoring Trump

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Colorado case involving former President Trump being kept off the ballot.

I suppose that’s progress. At least the Supreme Court is now willing to hear an election case. Before, Chief Justice John Roberts had insisted that federal elections for President were none of their concern.

Two justices — Alito and Thomas — will rule correctly. Three (appointed by leftists) will rule as the fascists they are. The others are afraid, or possibly blackmailed (Kavanaugh and Roberts, particularly). But they could unexpectedly stand on principle. This is NOT a sure thing. And even if they rule the right way, the mountains of fraud from last time (never legally challenged) still have to be overcome.

An election will not fix America. Only a revolution will. Too radical, you say? Check back with me in mid November.

Leftists are inconsistent (to put it politely) about the Supreme Court. When they disagree with a Supreme Court decision, they call it legally illegitimate. If the SCOTUS is illegitimate because you disagree with them on abortion, then I hereby declare the executive branch and most of Congress illegitimate because I disagree with them on virtually everything.

Deal? It works for me.

You can be absolutely sure of one thing: In the unlikely event that SCOTUS sides with Trump unequivocally, the left will pronounce its decision invalid and simply ignore it. Watch for this in Colorado and elsewhere. If the court upholds Colorado, the left will say, “You better do what the Court says,” and call you an insurrectionist if you disagree.

Leftism is an evil approach to life, and there’s no redeeming it. We have to destroy it. Otherwise, it’s going to destroy all of us, and everything we hold dear.


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