Are Americans Still a Decent People, Really?

Ayn Rand: “Freedom … comes down to a single question: Do you consider it moral to treat men as sacrificial animals and to rule them by physical force?”

It appears that at least half of the country will answer this question, “Yes,” based on their active support or passive tolerance for the unbelievably outrageous things our government now does. This calls into question whether America really is, on the whole, a decent country.

A lot of people will reply, “Of course America is still great!” But a country is only as great as the people comprising it. I have no doubt there are great, virtuous, decent people all throughout America. But are they the dominant majority? Not necessarily. Election fraud is not our only issue. Massive numbers of bad people voting for evil people is a real problem. And ignorance, while more innocent than evil, is not a virtue. A country filled with virulently ignorant people who think “socialism” (which they cannot even define) is a good thing is not a good country. It may not be Nazi Germany. But, as a country, it will wind up in the same place.

America’s founders understood that virtue was essential to the realization and sustaining of a free country. One can debate what virtue actually is. But voting and keeping in office people like Joe Biden’s crime family (and the horrible parade we’ll be treated to after him) … THAT cannot be the definition of virtue, can it?

I don’t buy the argument — largely emotional — that, “Why, this is America. America will never fall.” We’re falling. Man has free will. Americans are human beings, just like all the others who have messed up throughout human history. The difference is that America had more to lose, and the people should have known better. The shame is greater.


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