Even the Pope is Woke

The Pope is woke. He’s a total Communist. He loves terrorists. He wants us all (himself excluded) to live in poverty, without the comforts and sustainability of life on earth provided by fossil fuels. He embraces the misery and starvation of hyperinflationary socialism over economic freedom, which lifted the standard of living for all of humanity. He’s a racial supremacist (dark always good, white always bad) and appears almost to favor Islam over Christianity. He detests America, in particular, and seems to want it wiped off the face of the earth. Whether you’re Catholic or not — think of what awful shape the world is in, compared even to a decade or two ago. Even the Pope is woke.

When it comes to morality and ethics, everything is backwards. We’re told NOT to control our planet’s natural resources. We’re told NOT to make an honest profit. We’re told that our purpose is NOT to live for ourselves, but only for others. And yet other people are precisely the one thing we’re unable to control. All organized attempts to control other people led to things like Nazism, Communism, fascism, slavery, the Crusades and all the other tragic disasters of history.

We’re told it’s MORAL to try and control other people “for their own good,” but it’s IMMORAL to spend our lives focusing on our own self-interest, self-preservation and self-fulfillment. America was unique. For a time, it was the only civilization where the individual was celebrated for pursuing his own advancement, along with full responsibility for doing so. And the results of such a unique time in history for other people, by the way, were never better … not even close. Capitalism and the Bill of Rights crushed and destroyed human misery and led to unprecedented advancement. And yet here we are today, plodding our way through the 21st Century screaming that America has got to go, capitalism is over, and the Bill of Rights is “racist” — and that the only purpose for living is selfless service to others through socialism, Communism, or whatever the collectivism du jour happens to be. And, of course, the whole empire is to be run by sociopaths and narcissists. Will people never learn?



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