RINOs for Biden: The Lowest of the Lowest of the Low

If you are a Republican and support a Communist Democrat over Trump, then you are not a Republican. You are a Communist Democrat.

I’m referring to people like Mitt Romney and other Republicans who claim to want lower taxes, more limited government, a strong defense and border that put America first, First and Second Amendment rights, and all the rest. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for them to vote for someone with Biden’s record and agenda, or the record and agenda of ANY Democrat over and above a Republican — even one whose style and manner they dislike — who actually implemented most of the agenda they claim to support … NOT if they actually believe in even one of these things they claim to believe in.

I’m not only talking about obviously corrupt, likely paid-off hacks like Mitt Romney and most of the Republicans in office. I’m talking about anyone at all who claims they can tolerate someone with an agenda that’s overtly Communist, green fascist, medical fascist, utterly destructive of America … just so it’s not Donald Trump!

This is BS — on its own terms. At least the leftists will tell you that they intend to destroy your freedom, and proceed to do so, consistently, ruthlessly, decisively and with nary a whimper from academia or the media.

On the rungs of low morality descending into metaphorical hell, these Republicans who would vote for Biden — especially at this juncture, knowing his record — just to avoid four more years of Donald Trump whose policies would be rather decisively Republican … these are the lowest of the low, if you ask me. I don’t know of any precedent in the Western world of anyone quite so low.



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