Who Will Protect the Man Bun Leftists?

Harvard Poll: 6 in 10 Voters Say Owning a Gun is a Necessary Part of Self-Defense Against Crime

Because the government will not punish violent criminals and, in many cases, releases them. Because the government itself is populated by criminal personalities. America’s federal government is the largest, and most dangerous, organized, unaccountable gang of criminals in all of human history.

America did not just lose a republic, as Ben Franklin once warned. We turned the republic into a toxic army of thugs, making it rational for citizens–all potential victims–to take up arms in self-defense.

As a social media meme says: “I was once willing to give my life for what I believe this country stood for. Today, I’d give my life to protect my family from what this country has become.”

A lot of Americans feel more and more this way. When enough of them feel this way, it could get ugly.

Leftists are winning everywhere. In a sense, they have already won the war. But in the end, they will inevitably lose the war. Leftists and elites are caught in an impossible contradiction. They’re using billions of dollars earned under capitalism to destroy capitalism. They’re using people’s desire for life on earth to outlaw fossil fuels — the elimination of which will make life as we know it return to the 1880s. Especially when the power grids fail.

They’re annihilating individual rights in the name of the Constitution — the greatest protector of individual rights in human history. They’re using the First Amendment to censor free speech via social media corporations created by capitalism. They’re fixing elections in order to “save democracy.” They’re turning the military into a gigantic drag show while counting on rank and file soldiers who thought they were there to defend freedom. They’re claiming to create wealth for all by decimating the currency. Their social programs will be worth nothing when the dollar is worth nothing, which on our present hyperinflationary course will be sooner than you think. And when the Chinese, Russians and Iranians come attacking, the American military will have been reduced to a grotesque, demoralized joke.

Unarmed leftist, woke little socialists in Brooklyn, sporting man buns, will have nobody to protect them.

The list of contradictions of leftists is unending. Perhaps the greatest contradiction? They have left millions of decent Americans (in the flyover territories they loathe) armed — and with nothing whatsoever to lose when lawlessness generated by reckless, nasty socialism returns America to a state of wilderness.

It’s sad to see a great country headed down a path of self-destruction. But the forces unleashed by our destroyers WILL come back to bite them too.



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