Political Discussions at the Thanksgiving Table

No politics discussed on Thanksgiving day. A good policy?

Things have become SO bad, so irrational and so awful in our country that such a policy is no longer possible. For one thing, the leftists will not allow it. Not the loudmouthed ones (and very few leftists are quiet).

You do not need to argue for basic liberty, for the Bill of Rights, with anyone who opposes them. You should not even try. Anyone who plans to vote for Biden or “Democrats”, at this late date, is beyond the possibility of reason. It’s too late for them, on this subject, at least.

What you CAN do, and MUST do, when loudmouth leftists start going off, is simply say: “I disagree with everything you’re saying; with your assumptions, with your claim of facts, and with all your conclusions.” That’s it. Don’t waste your time arguing with idiocy. Say this much — and THEN invoke the no politics policy. Just make sure — one time only — they know you’re not buying any of it.

It will make them foam at the mouth with rage. But they would be doing that anyway, once they know anyone disagrees. Leftists are profoundly intellectually fragile. They have to be: that’s what happens when you are wrong about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Better still: Don’t spend your Thanksgiving with a loudmouth leftist. You’re much more likely to feel thankful that way.



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